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Wake County Economic Development is funded through investment from the private and public sectors through the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce’s Competitive Edge initiative. Since its establishment in 1995, the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce’s Edge initiative has spearheaded economic development for Raleigh, Wake County, and the region. Managed in five-year campaigns, the Edge program plays a critically important role in the growth of the region. This long-standing and highly effective public-private partnership is built on a solid foundation of teamwork among key leaders in business, government, higher education and regional organizations. 

Edge 5, the fifth iteration of the Edge campaign, is a catalyst for our efforts and the approach to economic development, talent recruitment, and maintaining our quality of life. 

Edge 5 initiatives for 2015-2019:

1. Regional Competitiveness & Cooperation
2. Marketing/PR, New Business Attraction & Job Creation
3. Existing Industry Support, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
4. Talent Attractive & Development
5. Quality of Place & Sustainability

Since its launch in 1995, Edge has a proven track record of success & leadership for Raleigh, Wake County, and the Region. Past highlights include:

  • 168,500 or 58% increase in new jobs in Wake County between 1995 – 2012
  • 290,000 or 42% increase in new jobs in the region between 1995 – 2012
  • Passage of four school bonds totaling $3 billion for school construction
  • Recruitment of the Carolina Hurricanes in 1997
  • Expanded construction of 540, expansion of I-440 and other transportation and transit initiatives

For more information about the Edge 5 program please view the Case for Support.

Interested in joining? Call 919.664.7048 or email Brenda Kalavsky.

“Central to our vision of Greater Raleigh and the Triangle growing as an economic engine is for private-sector partners and government to work together to create an unbeatable business profile. Investing in Edge is a key component of realizing that vision."

Jim Hansen
Regional President, Eastern Carolinas, PNC Bank

“WCED keeps me in the know on economic development and talent recruitment efforts and they are doing a fantastic job of spearheading these efforts for our Region!”

Grey Reed
Triangle Region President, BB&T


Thanks to our Edge investors, who fund our economic development program


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