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The Research Triangle region has long been associated with innovation thanks to corporate tech giants like IBM and Cisco in Research Triangle Park and more recently Red Hat and Citrix in downtown Raleigh, but within the last few years, the region has emerged as a hotbed of innovation springing out of the local startup community.

Raleigh alone is home to more than 500 startup companies, totaling 2,500 jobs in a wide range of industry sectors. Companies in Raleigh raised over $175 million in capital in 2015, attesting to the fact that the startup scene is here to stay. Then there were the companies that had left the startup stage and were acquired—in 2015 Raleigh company acquisitions totaled over $1.1 billion. 

To view startup companies in Raleigh, visit the City of Raleigh Office of Economic Development's interactive startup map. For a look into Raleigh's robust innovation community, visit Innovate Raleigh.

Across the Research Triangle region, funding for startups doubled just last year and between 2010-2014, the region logged the fourth most IPOs in the country, according to the Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED). For a complete picture of funding, funders, deals and exits, visit CED's Innovators Report.

"The Triangle is rapidly emerging as one of the top global hubs for innovation and entrepreneurship for several good reasons: One being the exceptional access to top talent, the other a collaborative and welcoming support environment, and lastly an incomparable quality of life. If you are looking to scale a venture or drive new ideas forward within an existing enterprise the Triangle should be top of your list."

Christopher Gergen
Founding Partner | HQ Raleigh

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