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Major Employers

Wake County is home to employers of all industries and sizes. The Major Employers List below provides a snapshot of both public and private companies in Wake County and Research Triangle Park that employ 2.000 or more people.

Employers # Employees
State of North Carolina  24,083
Wake County Public School System  18,554
IBM Corporation  10,000
WakeMed Health & Hospitals  8,422
North Carolina State University  7,876
Cisco Systems, Inc.  5,500
Rex Healthcare  5,300
SAS Institute, Inc.  5,232
GlaxoSmithKline  4,200
Lenovo  4,200
N.C. DHHS  3,800
Duke Energy  3,700
Wake County Government  3,692
City of Raleigh  3,673
Fidelity Investments  2,900
Wake Technical Community College  2,547
RTI International  2,200
Wells Fargo  2,100
Verizon Business  2,000

The complete Major Employers Directory, which contains companies located in Wake County and the Research Triangle Park that employ more than 250 people, can be viewed here.

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