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Life Sciences

 With more than 600 life science companies, North Carolina collectively employs 63,000 people at an average wage of $80,000 per year. Of the 600 North Carolina companies, more than 450 of them are in Wake County and the Research Triangle. 

Growth in the life sciences industry has outpaced almost every other sector of our economy; the most compelling reason why being the advantage of access to converging technologies.

The region’s impressive critical mass of companies and the myriad of resources supporting them ensure our leadership position will strengthen over the coming years.

To learn more, download our Life Science Brochure. And to see which companies already call the area home, download our Life Science Map.

“From government to education to the industry itself, the local community’s commitment to creating the right environment for life sciences is unparalleled.”

Mike McBrierty
Associate Director, State Public Policy & Government Affairs | Biogen


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