COVID-19 Employment Resources: Coronavirus Puts Company Culture to the Test

Guest Writer: John Reid Sidebotham, Executive Vice President
The Nautical Group

The last month of widespread remote working under the “stay-at-home” order is changing how we interact and connect—especially professionally. Whether you’re enjoying it or not, you have to admit that it’s easier to miss important nuances and harder to keep and cultivate company culture on Zoom compared to being in person. 

From a recruiting perspective, determining a technical fit has not changed much. However, on the “softer” side, both companies and candidates are seeking out creative ways to figure out if there’s a mutual culture fit when you are not meeting face to face.

As a search firm, we are focused on addressing our clients’ critical talent needs during this pandemic, and are seeing companies maintain a normal hiring structure, but going the extra mile to understand if the hire is a culture fit.

A good example of going the extra mile is a hosting a Zoom lunch. We recently heard of a company sending lunch to top candidates and eating together on the video call or you could host a virtual happy hour with the team and the candidate. We are encouraging our clients to take candidates on virtual tours of the office, and at the very least, let the candidate see where they would be eventually working. 

Company culture is critical—for both the organization and the individual. Don’t let remote interviewing sacrifice the cultural side of your hiring assessment. Think outside the box and figure out a way to personalize interviews amidst our virtual reality. 

We all know these are challenging times to be recruiting but many organizations are still hiring and, more importantly, able to find the top candidates. Whether you are looking to hire, looking for a new career, or want to learn more about the organization, The Nautical Group has the information you need to get started. 

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