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It’s no surprise that technology is one of the biggest and fastest-growing industry sectors in Wake County - after all, the Research Triangle is home to household names like Epic Games, IBM, Red Hat, and Lenovo (just to name a few). Propelled by nearly 4,000 local tech giants, the region’s booming tech scene offers the all-too-rare combination of innovative culture mixed with affordability. There are a number of driving factors behind the prosperity and overarching strength of Wake County’s tech industry, including growth in regional corporate headquarters and tech centers, successful startups (including a handful of unicorns), and collaborative partnerships between industry and our multiple top-tier research universities.

Our tech scene’s strength is also driven by top talent. In fact, Wake County and the Research Triangle region boast one of the largest concentrations of tech talent in the nation across fields like analytics, mobile apps, open source, healthcare IT, cloud computing, and cybersecurity. Between 2018 and 2023, Wake County is expected to increase its tech job concentration by 14.8% (more than double the national average of 7%). So what are you waiting for?

Fast Facts:

  • #1 State for Women in the Tech Sector Workforce
  • #2 Best Place for IT Pros to Live and Work in the U.S.
  • #2 Most Digitally Inclusive Tech Cities in America
  • #4 Highest Concentration of Tech Job Openings in U.S.
  • Top 10 City for Tech Talent
  • 40% of Wake County Residents Have a Bachelor’s Degree or Higher

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