Research Universities

Three major research universities make up the region known as the Research Triangle. NC State in Wake County, UNC-Chapel Hill in Orange County and Duke University in Durham County. Any of these universities by themselves would be a significant asset and an enormous economic engine. When you combine the resources of the three, all within a short drive of the other, you create one of the most dynamic regions in the country.

North Carolina State University (Raleigh)

  • 34,015 students
  • 8,523 degrees conferred annually
  • More than 300 bachelor and masters programs
  • 60 doctoral programs
  • $417 million in annual research expenditures
  • Educating more North Carolinians than any other university
  • Home to Centennial Campus (Video)
    • 1,227 total acres adjacent to NC State's main campus
    • 4 million square feet of space exists, with a total of 9 million square feet projected as part of future development plans
    • 62 corporate and government partners located in Centennial
    • Buildings and sites are available for lease to companies that wish to partner with the University
    • More than 11,000 people on campus daily
    • $1 billion in building and infrastructure investment

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Chapel-Hill)

  • 29,084 students
  • More than 75 majors and minors in 60 departments
  • 68 doctoral programs and 113 master's programs offered
  • Nation's first public university – only public university to award degrees in the 18th century
  • Nearly one-third of Carolina undergraduates study in other countries before graduation (325 programs in 70 countries)
  • 13:1 student-faculty ratio with 87% of classes having less than 50 students

Duke University (Durham)

  • 14,950 students
  • 53 majors, 52 minors and 23 certificates offered in undergraduate study
  • Offers master's and doctoral degrees in more than 70 departments and programs of study
  • 200+ domestic and international learning opportunities
  • 50%+ of Duke undergrads complete faculty-mentored research projects
  • 8:1 student-faculty ratio with 70% of classes having fewer than 19 students