K-12 (Public & Private)

Wake County is a “Smart” community. The combination of top universities and an abundance of job opportunities makes our community a magnet for smart people. Our residents and local leaders understand the value of a quality education, which is why Wake County has one of the top performing school systems in the nation.

Wake County Public Schools

The Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) is consistently recognized as one of the top performing schools systems in the nation.  For more information about the System, or for information on specific schools, please visit the WCPSS website.

  • 188 schools (115 elementary, 40 middle, 30 high, 7 special/optional)
  • 161,755 students (Largest in North Carolina, 15th largest in the US)
  • More than 69% of WCPSS students go on to post secondary education
  • Average SAT of 1130 (Versus 1044 in US)
  • For more information, download the Wake County Public School System brochure or view it below:

Private Schools

Wake County is home to 76 private schools with an enrollment of 17,547 students.

For more information about Private Schools, including a list of private schools in Wake County, please visit the North Carolina Department of Administration's Division of Non-Public Education website.

Charter Schools

Charter Schools are an alternative to public schools. Charter schools are funded by federal, state, and local tax dollars, and are tuition-free. There are currently 24 Charter Schools in Wake County.

For more information about charter schools, please visit the North Carolina Office of Charter Schools website.

International Schools

As Wake County and the Triangle attract more international residents, there comes a larger demand for international schools.

Chinese: Raleigh Academy of Chinese Language and Cary Chinese School

French: Ecole2France

Japanese: Japanese Language School of Raleigh

Spanish: Spanish for Fun