Hopscotch Portrays Raleigh's Vibrant Art Community

Hopscotch - Raleigh

Hopscotch 2015 is in full swing, with Hopscotch Design complete and T.V. on the Radio performing tonight, an art atmosphere is filling downtown Raleigh. Hopscotch is a homegrown Raleigh music and design festival - props to Raleigh for a stroke of genius. Since its beginnings in 2010, it has been a signature event for the area with more than 40% of the performers being in-state natives – a number many national music festivals cannot live up to.

The event stretches across 12 walkable venues and the SiteWork art exhibition, an annual photography exhibit, and has more than 30 day parties (which many are free). Hopscotch’s fundamental premise is to mix national and internationally recognized bands from every genre imaginable creating a music festival that only Raleigh can claim.

Hopscotch reflects on what makes Raleigh such a great place to be if you’re a music maniac and art lover. Raleigh’s climate is perfect for outdoor music venues, something we have no shortage of. Raleigh actually has 85+ music venues, all of which are used year-round to bring world class talent to the area.

But, it’s not just music that Hopscotch brings to the Raleigh area. The design festival is “a gathering of designers, thinkers, makers and storytellers, who are shaping what’s new right now.” The festival helps share ideas and foster conversations about how design and art in general is shaping the future. Everything from graphic design to technology can be found being buzzed about at this event.

Both Hopscotch Design and Hopscotch Music portray what Raleigh is all about, from fostering innovative ideas and the talent we have to making sure we showcase it on a stage. If you’re curious to see what we’re all about, now is a great time to come figure it out.


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