National Media Campaign Efforts Result in Inc. Article

Raleigh is in the news again; this time being featured on the homepage of Inc.com. As part of our continued efforts to tell the story of Raleigh to a national audience, Wake County Economic Development and the City of Raleigh worked with our national media agency to bring Jeff Barrett, reporter for Inc., to Raleigh for a tour.

Jeff’s purpose in visiting Raleigh was to learn more about the tech and entrepreneurial scene that has made a name for itself over the years. During his three-day tour of the area, Jeff visited NC State’s Centennial Campus, various co-working spaces and incubators across Raleigh, Pendo, Citrix, Red Hat and lifestyle spots like Brewery Bhavana and Dix Park, each of which received mention in his recently published article. In his own words, Jeff started his trip interested in why a city like Raleigh continues to rank in national polls as the best hub for tech companies and entrepreneurs. After learning about the robust talent pipeline, collaborative business ecosystem, and numerous advantages for businesses and employees in the area, he understood exactly what made this area so special and competitive

Not only did Jeff’s article in Inc. provide a platform for the more than 19 million monthly viewers to learn about Raleigh, but Jeff himself also commands a massive presence online. With over 300,000 followers on Twitter, Jeff’s tweets have incredible impact. Over the course of his trip, Jeff crafted a handful of thoughtful, complimentary tweets highlighting some of the tour stops. Jeff’s article represents our going effort to capture the interest of national media reporters. The Raleigh story is one that must be told, and we are excited a publication of this magnitude and a writer like Jeff, captured the essence of our city. 

To read Jeff’s article, click here.


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