New Name For WCED Twitter Account - From @KenAtkins To @RaleighWake

It’s time I that let you know about a big change occurring for WCED. Don’t worry – it’s a positive one that will benefit us all.

A little more than a year ago, I launched my personal Twitter pageto grow and maintain a network of people interested in WCED and Wake County. That resulted in more individuals and business leaders learning about us and knowing more about how to enjoy the benefits of living and working in Wake County. I want to thank my 1,300 followers that have an interest in what I have to say about the community and beyond.

While I have enjoyed tweeting, we at WCED want to take the next step forward and focus the tweets exclusively on economic development and what’s happening in Wake County. In honor of this transition away from my personal tweets, we are renaming the account @RaleighWake.

Look for @RaleighWake to concentrate on cluster news, major events in the county, economic development in Wake and the region, and information on the livability factors that make Wake such a great place to work, play and reside. This change does not mean the account will lose a personal touch; however, it will include more input from the overall staff.

Apart from the new name and emphasis, this page will remain the same. The Twitter feed will remain on the left-hand column of our blog section for you to read and click, and we will monitor our followers and retweet their unique observations and discussions as frequently as we have in the past.

I am excited by the possibilities offered by this transition. I hope you will be as well. Let us know what you think of it.


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