New Name, New Look, Bigger Conference

There have been some exciting changes regarding the successfulTriangle Game Conference (TGC), which is set to be held for the third year this April 13 – 14! The initial concept behind the TGC was driven by the desire of several local industry stakeholders to showcase what we had going on 'here' instead of always having to get on a plane and go 'there' to talk about local developments. The interactive digital media conference world is a crowded one, with many well-established shows competing for limited travel budgets.

The inaugural TGC (April 2009) was held directly in the wake of the 2008’s economic meltdown—but despite the economic turmoil, the conference was a smashing success, drawing more than 700 people. The 2010 TGC, in addition to drawing even more attendees, also witnessed a more diverse clientele with attendees hailing from the West Coast and Northeast. This proved that there was a positive vibe about the show beyond our immediate region. This recognition has compelled the TGC organizers to rebrand the conference to reflect its growing image and to hopefully capture an even larger, more diverse range of participants and attendees.

We decided that branding our show as the East Coast Game Conference (ECGC) was more representative of what we are trying to establish for this region, namely robust brand recognition. Obviously we were mindful of potential competitive developments in the Atlanta and Boston markets so we acted decisively before this vacuum was filled.

This year’s ECGC promises to build on the positive momentum we’ve created thus far, with high profile keynotes, speakers, and a dynamic interactive component. We also anticipate a higher level of engagement from the local industry as everyone seeks to rebound from the economic downturn of the past two years. Stay tuned for developments!

For more information on the ECGC please contact Wayne Watkinsat 919.664.7043.


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