North Carolina has a plan to be a Global Economic Player

As North Carolina becomes a global player in the world, it is becoming more evident that globalization affects North Carolinians every day. In an effort to use this to North Carolina’s advantage, the University of North Carolina’s Center for International Understanding and the N.C. Coalition for Global Competiveness are developing a strategic plan for global engagement. The name of the strategic plan will be Global NC. Global NC is a first-in-the-nation effort to develop a statewide strategy around global engagement and competitiveness.

To ensure this plan remains an innovative and significant endeavor, the plan’s drafters will hear from leaders in business, education, government and communities about how to enhance and optimize economic wellbeing, opportunities and quality of life for all North Carolinians through informed, coordinated and consistent global engagement.

In an effort to promote discussion and gather input to refine the plan, a framework was designed with seven key strategies for global engagement:


  1. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Optimize economic development opportunities by doing business around the world
  2. INFRASTRUCTURE AND LOGISTICS: Develop and maintain infrastructure and logistics capabilities to support global opportunities
  3. BRANDING: Be known around the world as an attractive place to invest, study, visit and partner
  4. CROSS CULTURAL EDUCATION: Ensure that N.C. citizens are prepared to succeed and thrive in a global community and market place
  5. COLLABORATION AND RESEARCH: Encourage business, academic, public and private sector collaboration and research with domestic and international partners on global issues of mutual importance
  6. LEADERSHIP: Develop leadership across all sectors and at all levels that is informed and actively supports global engagement
  7. STRATEGIC PLANNING, DATA COLLECTION AND BENCHMARKING: Create and maintain a statewide strategic plan and benchmarks for global engagement informed by a multidisciplinary collaboration of globally focused public and private entities

Wake County is a consistent leader in the global economy, and Wake County Economic Development (WCED) was asked to participate in this effort. The Raleigh metro is one of just four U.S. Cities whose economy was ranked amount the world’s 50 fastest-growing by the Brookings Institution. This ranking was based on global economic factors, such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP). 

“Wake County is a leader in foreign direct investment and we are thrilled to participate in this strategic planning process. We know that North Carolina has the potential to thrive in the global economy and this plan ensures we move in the right direction,” stated Adrienne Cole, WCED Executive Director.

Through this effort, North Carolina can continue to position itself as a global leader. To learn more about the plan and next steps, visit Global NC’s website: https://globalncplan.wordpress.com/


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