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In our role as economic developers, we strive to create widely shared prosperity. Through a network of partners, investors, members, and elected officials, we work within our community to bring opportunities to our neighbors in the county, region, and state.

A major focus for the economic development team is our work in equitable economic development. Driving inclusive prosperity remains a fundamental piece of our program of work. Our work in equitable economic development has driven the creation of several major initiatives and programming for our team and the Raleigh Chamber. A great example of this work is the creation of the Targeted Growth Area incentive, which helps develop parts of the community that could benefit from additional investment.

Wake County Economic Development and the Raleigh Chamber remain committed to ensuring inclusive and equitable growth for our community. Adrienne Cole, president and CEO of the Raleigh Chamber released a statement and a video addressing the recent protests, riots, and call to end racism.

"We must have honest conversations and actions to address and heal the deep divisions facing our city and nation." - Adrienne Cole, President & CEO of the Raleigh Chamber

You can read the full statement on the Raleigh Chamber website or watch the video here.


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