Podcast: Chamber Chat with Adrienne Cole

President & CEO of the Raleigh Chamber Adrienne Cole was a recent guest of the Chamber Chat podcast. During her episode, she discussed Wake County's approach to economic development and how chambers thrive on regionalism and collaboration.

“We really, really believe that we’re stronger together,” Adrienne said. “And we’re not Pollyanna about that. We know that there are complexities to that and there’s different dynamics in each community. But we really do believe that if we move forward together and put a unified front together for as a region, that we’re going to be stronger as it relates to economic development.”

“And so just as an example, it is not unusual for a site selection consultant or a company to reach out and say, We’re considering Raleigh for our relocation, but they don’t mean the municipal boundaries of Raleigh. They’re there meaning the broader sense of Raleigh and very often they mean the Research Triangle region.”

"And so when a project lands in another community that that is a neighboring community to Wake County, we celebrate that win as a region."

Listen to the full episode here.



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