Raleigh's Downtown Nightlife A Plus For Newcomers

For people relocating to Wake County, especially younger adults, downtown Raleigh has become a magnet site for them to live, work and play.  With dozens of new houses, apartments and condos being built, and more places to shop and eat each year, along with abundant office space, many people are finding that they rarely have to go outside the Beltline any time of the day. There is even a Web site devoted specifically to all the area’s attractions, specials and events, as well as a magazine.

Living and working in an urban setting is possible in most communities throughout Wake County.  What makes Raleigh stand out beyond its bigger size is its wide variety of options that exist after the sun goes down.  You can easily visit the beautiful campus of Peace College to admire the scenery, check out the fine architecture at state government buildings, explore funky gift shops, view art galleries and outdoor festivals, eat fine food, and so much more, all before or after heading to work or home. 

The streets are pedestrian-friendly and ideal for walking, but there are other forms of transportation to enjoy at a reasonable cost, including trolleys, horse-drawn carriages and even rickshaws with drivers on bicycles.  The skyline is growing as well, with flood lighting at Two Hannover Square brightening the view for miles, along with the shimmer wall at the new Raleigh Convention Center on the McDowell Street side that changes shapes as the wind ripples it. 

While downtown Raleigh is not yet Manhattan, many newcomers are finding it the best place for themselves 24/7, and they want to make it better to attract even more people there.  If you want to find a place where you can live, work and party in the same neighborhood, feel free to ask us more about Raleigh’s wonderful downtown.


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