Raleigh's Thriving Startup Scene Showcased at Internet Summit

Internet Summit Startups

What do Russell Simmons, startups and email marketing all have in common? Internet Summit 2015.  Internet Summit is the self-proclaimed “Southeast’s definitive digital gathering” and brings together a range of experts on digital strategies ranging from design/UX to social media, in addition, there is an innovation component to the conference. There was actually had an entire stage dedicated to sessions that revolved around innovation and entrepreneurship. This was fitting since Raleigh, the host city, is a rising entrepreneurial hub.

This community is dedicated to ensuring that startups succeed and that entrepreneurs find a home here. In fact, Mayor Nancy McFarlane has the goal to transform the city into one of the top five hubs for entrepreneurship in the coming years. Other organizations in the region also attribute to this goal including, Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED), Innovate Raleigh, NC State’s Entrepreneurship Initiative and that’s just naming a few. These efforts have led to Raleigh being home to more than 400 startups and early-stage growth companies representing over 2,000 jobs. In addition, in the last 3 years, startups in Raleigh have raised over $250 million in Angel and venture capital investment.

Wake County Economic Development in partnership with the City of Raleigh saw Internet Summit as an opportunity to showcase the innovation and entrepreneurship that is currently thriving in the Raleigh area. Ten high-growth startups had the opportunity to showcase their companies, products and available job opportunities at Internet Summit in a special startup landing area.

Startups included: 

"Talented people & innovation because of the 3 universities here." -@trycanopy Why  thrive in Raleigh.

Why Raleigh's a good startup comm: "The supportive community and the amount of resources available." -@EmployUsApp

Raleigh’s hospitality coupled w/ it’s ingenuity make it an incredible place to work as a startup company & individual. -@getstealz 

"Raleigh's great for startups bc it's big enough to grow an amazing company, but small enough to feel like home." -@springengage 

“Raleigh cares about the one-two- or three-person company in the same way it cares about the 6000 person company.”Justin Miller, @WedPicsApp


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