The Evolution of our Economy - By Danya Perry

Do you remember cassette tapes? How about pagers? At one point, we thought there would be nothing better than caller ID. They were all innovations in their day, but we have evolved.

Progress is great. In many circumstances, though, there are growing pains. The evolution of our economy will be the focus of our 2018 Economic Development Forum. On May 8, we will hear from two leaders, Michael Huber, the president and CEO of the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, and Courtney Ross, the chief economic development officer of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce. Each will discuss his or her city’s evolved economic development journey. Both cities have seen tremendous growth in population and changes in the economic landscape. As stated before, we understand that, with growth, there will always be pains.

We also will learn about Wake County’s perspective and the economic ecosystem from Adrienne Cole, president and CEO of the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce. This panel will provide insight into how cities are handling success and ensuring that all residents have a pathway to success. Our goal is to be an equitable and inclusive economic ecosystem. We are hoping to engage our panelists and audience members in learning how to move forward.

Come participate, network, and generate synergy around an important topic. With everyone’s help, we hope not to go out-of-style…..like bell-bottoms.

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