The North Carolina Advanced Medical Technology Community has the "Ibiliti"

It was Ms. Scarlett in the library with the candle stick. Okay, not really, but playing on the idea of the board game “Clue” the North Carolina Center of Innovation for Advanced Medical Technologies hosted a mystery party to announce the Center’s new name “ibiliti”.  Wake County Economic Development and Competitive Edge 4 sponsored the event on April 27th with over 150 attendees representing advanced medical technology companies.  Participants networked with one another while asking different sources questions to try and uncover the new name of the Center. After reaching each source, attendees were able to unlock the new name of the center.

Ibiliti, though a simpler name holds a strong identity. The organization maintains its commitment to building and expanding a network of intellectual, human, and financial resources that advanced medical technology companies can tap into in order to quickly and successfully navigate the commercialization and development process.  

WCED has identified the advanced medical technology industry as a targeted cluster for future growth and has developed a strategic precision marketing plan to grow existing companies and recruit new companies to the area.  Marketing efforts include podcasts, videos, hosting networking events, attending trade shows and working closely with ibiliti and other partners who are connected with companies in the industry.   There are over 400 advanced medical technology companies in North Carolina, and of those over 100 of them reside in the Triangle.

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