Tide Loads of Hope Powered by Tide Cleaners Helps Lighten the Load for Raleigh Front-Line Responders

Front-line responders are putting their safety on the line every day to ensure the health and well-being of the Raleigh community during the current COVID-19 Pandemic. In an uncertain time, Tide Cleaners hopes to provide the certainty of clean clothes to the community in an effort to help those that help us.

Tide Loads of Hope Powered by Tide Cleaners will provide free laundry services to medical personnel, police officers, firefighters, and immediate family at all Tide Cleaners locations in the Raleigh area. Tide Cleaners businesses are locally owned and operated in the Raleigh community.

The process is easy for Raleigh-area front-line responders and their immediate family members:

  • Visit TideCleaners.com to find out more about the service and find the nearest Tide Cleaners.
  • Pack up your dirty laundry and either drive to your nearest Tide Cleaners storefront or request home service pick-up at participating locations.
  • Verify that you are a front-line responder with badges or a valid form of identification. Must have a photo ID or picture of it if you’re a family member who is bringing it on their behalf. Please share through a closed window or text message image to a Guest Services Representative. Please feel free to include a copy of your form of identification in the bag as well.

You can use Tide Cleaners services in the following ways:

  • 24/7 Access – Use their dropbox for drop-off and kiosks for pick-up anytime, day or night
  • Drive-Thru & Carside Valet – Stay in your car and a service representative will assist you for pick-up, drop-off and order payment
  • Delivery to Home – At participating locations
  • Lobby – Tide will utilize bins to help minimize person to person contact. If you visit our lobby, please practice CDC guidance and maintain a safe distance from employees and other guests

For additional information on the services being provided by Tide Cleaners in the Raleigh area please visit Hope.TideCleaners.com or go to TideCleaners.com to find a laundry drop-off location close to you.

You can also contact Tim Toppen or Caroline Livingstone for more information. 


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