Wake Advancing Medical Care

Wake County makes every effort to stay at the forefront of advancements in the medical field.  For example, we are home to the Triangle’s first physician/hospital-owned outpatient orthopedic surgery center.  And we have unveiled the Advanced-Practice Paramedic (APP) Program, which strategically sends some of the Emergency Management System’s most senior clinicians to calls involving the most critically ill or injured patients.  The program also provides prevention visits to high-risk populations.

Because of this emphasis and activity, we at Wake County Economic Development are targeting medical design and medical manufacturing firms as prime candidates to relocate or expand their operations here. Our county’s long history in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields, as well as its highly educated population, provide a ready workforce and environment for any medical design or medical manufacturing company that decides to do business in Wake County.

Already Wake has multiple business and academic interests, such asadvanced universities and nonprofit research organizations, working in cooperative developments for advanced medical technologies. These include:

  • Laboratory apparatus products and furniture
  • Surgical and medical instruments
  • Surgical appliances and supplies
  • Ophthalmic products
  • Dental equipment and supplies (excluding laboratories manufacturing dentures, crowns, etc.)
  • Electromedical apparatus (e.g., MRIs, ultrasound, pacemakers, hearing aids)
  • Irradiation apparatus (e.g., use of beta-rays, gamma rays, X-rays, or other ionizing radiation for both human health and research)

These areas will provide high-quality, high-income jobs to Wake County and fulfill growing needs as our population matures.  We have the talent, the interest and the capitalization to make medical design and manufacturing firms a success here in Wake.


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