Wake County Companies Provide Valuable Resources

As our area continues its rapid growth, we are going to need resources to expand. At WCED we believe it is critical to understand our community’s needs and current solutions, both to guide existing industry as well as court new business. Over the last few months, members of the WCED team have had the opportunity to visit two important sites across the county: Martin Marietta’s Raleigh-Durham Quarry and the Harris Nuclear Plant.

Martin Marietta, a construction materials company headquartered in Raleigh, is one of the largest suppliers of aggregates and building materials in the United States. In mid-December, our team was granted a full tour of the company’s Raleigh-Durham Quarry in Northwest Raleigh. This site, which mines granite for road and building construction, sits just miles from the RDU airport. The operation’s efforts as part of the local community are clearly effective. A growing community constantly needs aggregate stone for construction, and having this site just down the road provides those resources readily.

A few weeks prior to the Quarry tour, our team visited Duke Energy’s Harris Nuclear Plant. The plant, which is located in New Hill, provides 900 megawatts of power, enough to power 550,000 homes and businesses. As our team learned in our time at the site, having access to this form of safe and clean energy in our backyard is an enormous benefit when recruiting businesses to the region. The safety protocols that both Duke Energy and the personnel go through, to ensure personal safety and prevent large-scale disasters, is unrivaled.

These hands-on experiences add to the many benefits of our region. We want to thank Duke Energy and Martin Marietta for allowing us access to these sites and in turn, the ability to further promote our region. 


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