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“What exactly is Wake County Economic Development?”  That’s a question I hear often when meeting people in the county. 

It’s a valid query.  They usually have a vague idea what is involved but want to know more details.  Here is my answer in a nutshell.

Wake County Economic Development (WCED) serves as the primary economic development catalyst for the county and its 12 municipalities.  We encourage businesses from outside Wake to expand and relocate here as well as assist local companies with their business expansions efforts in the county.  To accomplish those goals, we provide a bounty of data about the great lifestyle and economy you find in Wake County that have made us one of the fastest-growing counties in the country. 

In turn, these new jobs and capital investment return money toall of us to use in improving our schools, local government services and other social activities.  We currently are focused on recruiting several target industries for Wake – biotech, advanced learning technologies, advanced medical technologies, nonwoven textiles and corporate headquarters.

Our accomplishments are too numerous to list here.  They will be discussed in future blogs.  I can say that we have been listed as one of the top 10 by Site Selection magazine as one of the top 10 economic development organizations in America.  And we plan to achieve much more. 

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