Wendell Offers Window of Opportunity

Situated between Knightdale to the west and Zebulon to the east, Wendell used to be best known as a town people went through (or later bypassed) on U.S. 64 on their way to or fromRaleigh and the Outer Banks.  But now, like its neighboring towns, it is a community that preserves its small-town charm while diligently transforming itself to handle the needs and wants of a growing population.

Named after the famous poet Oliver Wendell Holmes, but pronounced with an emphasis on both syllables, Wendell was incorporated in 1903.  For a long time it was a small town, but in this century it has added hundreds of new residents thanks in part to the creation of Interstate 540 in Knightdale, which provides easy access to North Raleigh and the Research Triangle Park, along with the recently completed U.S. 64 Bypass freeway that lets motorists travel without the aggravation of having to stop at a light every mile or so as they did on the old U.S. 64. 

The major employers in Wendell are manufacturers – Siemens,Measurements Groupthe Cotton Exchange and Kioti Tractor. The community has its own chamber of commerce as well as numerous social and civic clubs.  There are three recreational parks, five public schools and the Southeastern Free Will Baptist College for higher education. 

Add all this up, and you will find that Wendell can accommodate any lifestyle you want to have there, from laidback to up-tempo. Wendell is great for people who like to be near Raleigh’s attractions but prefer a tightly-knit community (it is only two square miles), as well as those wanting a quick escape to the northern beaches of the state.  Since many newcomers say that those are reasons why they relocated to Wendell, you can expect it to continue to grow while maintaining its modest appeal. 


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