Why Go to Broadway When It Comes to Wake County?

To see the top musicals and dramas on Broadway, you can do two things:

1)     Go to New York City and fight the traffic, noise and smells to pay hundreds of dollars for a performance, not to mention spending money for cab fare or parking.

2)     Let Broadway Series South bring the same experience to you in a comfortable setting in Raleigh for at least half the cost.

Broadway Series South presents First National Broadway touring shows of hit productions such as Jersey Boys, which is coming this summer to the home of Broadway Series South, theProgress Energy Center for the Performing Arts.  It also offers special shows such as one-man performances by Jerry Seinfeld and other top-name talent, plus big events such as Lord of the Dance and High School Musical 2 On Stage.

This display of quality professional talent is the envy of many other communities.  In some cases, the touring companies and guest artists make Wake County their only stop in North Carolina – sometimes the only one in the region as well for our neighbors in Virginia and/or South Carolina.  This is due in large part to our area’s strong demand for and support of the performing arts.

Wake County is home to the North Carolina Symphony, theOpera Company of North Carolina and several other musical and professional theatrical companies.  Our demographics include residents who are among the most educated and highest paid workers in North Carolina, and they have come to expect the best entertainment as part of living here.  And they get it.

So the choice is yours – to spend considerable time and money to go to Broadway, or have Broadway come to you in Wake County with less hassle and expense.  We think the answer is an obvious one.


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