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Chief Executive Magazine Features Major Raleigh Company

As the Research Triangle region continues to draw the eye of business leaders across the nation, experts are analyzing what has made the region such an attractive landing spot for businesses over the past decade. Each day, the Research Triangle’s three tier-one research universities, diverse business ecosystem, low cost of doing business, and impressive quality of life becomes less of a secret to business leaders across the nation, prompting more companies to set up shop in the Triangle. From multinational corporations, such as ABB, to rapidly growing startups, such as Pendo, companies of all sizes have found success in the Triangle.

In a recent interview with Chief Executive Magazine, Bandwidth CEO David Morken spoke on his decision to move his growing company from Utah to North Carolina. Citing available talent as one of the main reasons he made the move, Morken’s company has seen massive growth and a local workforce that has risen to meet the demand. Coincidentally, talent was one of the considerations that notched North Carolina as the third best state in Chief Executive’s “Best and Worst States For Businesses in 2018” ranking.

Wake County and the greater Research Triangle region must remain poised to continue this astronomical growth. If recent expansion announcements are any signal, it seems that the region will continue to expand for years to come. In recent months, both Ipreo and Credit Suisse have announced large expansions, creating high paying jobs for Triangle job seekers.

We are prepared for the growth that will accompany new and expanding businesses continuing to pour into the region. With forward-thinking leaders and a collaborative community of hardworking professionals, the future is bright for our region.


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