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CNNMoney Features Raleigh-based Betabox


CNNMoney featured Raleigh startup Betabox in a story titled "Shipping containers turned into mobile tech labs." 

The story showcases Raleigh's vibrant startup scene and strong focus on innovation and STEM education through a local entrepreneurial success story:

Maroni, 24, is founder and CEO of Raleigh-based Betabox, a business whose premise is to inspire innovation, especially among schoolkids.

Most public schools lack funds to offer students a full-time lab filled with expensive tools like 3D printers, laser cutters, scanners and electronics to design and build prototypes of cool ideas.

Betabox tackles that challenge. "It's as if you snap your fingers and a fully-stocked tech lab arrives," he said.

Betabox's mobile labs are built inside refurbished shipping containers and have been retrofitted to include things like whiteboards, laptops and CNC milling machines.

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