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NACO County Economies 2015 Report Shows Continued Growth

NACO has released their County Economies 2015 report. This report tracks the performance of 3,069 county economies in 2015 by examining annual changes in jobs, unemployment rate, economic output (GDP) and median home prices.The overall analysis indicates both opportunities and challenges, revealing that:

  1. Recovery accelerated in 2015 on unemployment rates and home prices.
  2. Most county economies grew in 2015, but economic output (GDP) expansion was less pronounced.
  3. Economic recovery is spreading out.
  4. Wages increased between 2013 and 2014, especially in large county economies.
  5. The recovery is creating an uneven geography of opportunity across county economies.

The complete findings can be found here

Wake County has recovered to pre-recession levels on three of the four indicators analyzed.The only indicator it has not fully recovered from is unemployment. With a rate of 4.6 percent, which is above the 4 percent from early 2008. The other indicators, job growth rate, economic output growth rate (GDP) and median home prices growth rate all remain strong and above the national rates. 

View Wake County numbers by clicking on the picture below. 

NACO County Economies 2015


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