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Raleigh Named a Future-Ready City

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Recent findings from the Dell Future Ready Economics Model found that Raleigh ranked 6th among America’s most future-ready cities. The Dell Future Ready Economics Model is meant as a tool for cities to gauge their preparation for future growth. There are three primary characteristics of Future Ready Economies:

  1. The ability to attract people who are engaged in open to lifelong learning that drives innovation
  2. Businesses that thrive in collaborative environments
  3. Infrastructure that provides platforms for people to engage, collaborate, learn and innovate.

San Jose, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. were the top three Future Ready Cities in this study. James Diffley, IHS Economics Group Managing Director for U.S. Regional Services, the group commissioned by Dell to find proxy indicators that defined the above characteristics stated that, “We’re very confident these cities will grow faster in the next five to ten years than most other cities.”

Learn more about future-ready cities here


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