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Raleigh Ranked as Top City for Jobs

Raleigh was ranked as the Best City for Jobs by Glassdoor. The rankings were determined by weighing three factors equally: how easy it is to get a job (hiring opportunity), how affordable it is to live there (cost of living), and how satisfied employees are working there (job satisfaction).

As part of the report, they include each metro's median pay for employees, median home value, job satisfaction rating, number of current job openings and population. 

Raleigh’s numbers are as follows:

Raleigh, NC – Glassdoor Job Score: 4.1

  • Number of Job Openings: 24,146
  • Population: 1,242,974
  • Median Base Salary: $50,950
  • Median Home Value: $198,400
  • Job Satisfaction Rating: 3.3

Glassdoor Chief Economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain stated, “Raleigh is also situated in the famous “Research Triangle” and has several universities feeding skilled workers to employers. Couple this with Raleigh’s walkable neighborhoods and affordable homes; it’s no surprise that Raleigh stands out as the best city for jobs.”


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