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SKEMA Business School Coming to Raleigh

SKEMA, one of France’s largest business schools, has chosen Raleigh and Centennial Campus for their first U.S. campus. As early as the end of last week, SKEMA was still considering either Tampa, Florida or Raleigh for their location, however, in the end, the strengths of Centennial campus, combined with rich internship opportunities with companies throughout the region, convinced SKEMA officials that Raleigh was their best choice.

SKEMA will welcome their first US students in January 2011 to Centennial Campus. The school plans to ultimately accommodate approximately 300 students and the necessary staff to support them at their new facility and will engage in joint programs with NC State’s College of Management, as well as partnerships with Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. They will also be working with the Research Triangle Foundation on partnerships with Park companies for internships and projects.

By choosing Centennial Campus, SKEMA will reap the benefits of being in a campus setting that combines academia and business in one location. In addition, they will have access to NC State’s robust library and other affiliate privileges. The location in the heart of Raleigh close to housing, downtown Raleigh and other amenities is an ideal location for students who will rely on walking, biking and public transportation to navigate the city.

SKEMA’s decision to locate their first US campus in Raleigh is a great win for the area and further solidifies the area’s growing education cluster. Partners who worked with SKEMA during their site selection process included Raleigh Economic Development, The Centennial Campus Partnership Office, the NC State College of Management, and the Research Triangle Foundation. For more information, contact Adrienne Cole at 919-664-7049.


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