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The Daily Meal: Five Must-Try Eateries in N.C.'s Food Mecca, Raleigh


The Daily Meal published "Here are Five Must-Try Eateries in N.C.'s Food Mecca, Raleigh" as a result of a joint press trip between the Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau (GRCVB), the City of Raleigh and WCED.  

The article features several Raleigh dining spots, including Centro, Gravy, The Roast Grill, Lucettegrace and Bittersweet:

"Raleigh is home to award-winning restaurants, creative chefs, breweries, local hotspots, as well as restaurants steeped in history. I was surprised to learn, after chatting with several Raleigh entrepreneurs (who also tend to be chefs and owners themselves), that each of them not only wants success for themselves and their businesses, but also for the community."

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About The Daily Meal:
The Daily Meal is geared toward chefs, food lovers, wine connoisseurs, discerning diners and everyone in-between -- a great audience as we target highly-skilled talent. The outlet reaches 1.4 million unique monthly visitors. 

Result of WCED and City of Raleigh National Media Campaign 


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