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The EDPNC is Ready to Help Restore International Trade

North Carolina businesses exported a record $34.35 billion in merchandise in 2019 but started this year facing the economic impact of an unprecedented global pandemic.

Since then, trade specialists at the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina have stressed one message to the hundreds of businesses they serve across the state: The EDPNC can help them begin, restore or grow international sales as an important piece of their recovery.

“What worries me is that over the next year, many businesses in North Carolina may feel the need to shut the door on international opportunities because ‘that’s where COVID-19 came from,’ ” says John Loyack, EDPNC vice president of global business services. “But now is the time to stay engaged internationally. The businesses that will come out of this situation in the strongest position will have used this time as an opportunity to strengthen their international sales relationships. This is also an opportunity to rethink and strengthen your supply chain. We have the resources to help.”

The EDPNC trade team supports more than 600 businesses a year on the state’s behalf. Learn more about EDPNC's efforts here.




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