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ThinkHouse NC opens its doors to ten young entrepreneurs

ThinkHouse NC, a nine-month living and learning accelerator based in the historic Boylan Heights neighborhood, announces today its third class of entrepreneurial fellows. The ThinkHouse, founded in fall 2013 by HQ Raleigh co-founders Brooks Bell, Jesse Lipson, Jason Widen, and Christopher Gergen, provides high-caliber mentorship, lean-startup training, resources and workspace to recent college graduates launching their own entrepreneurial ventures.

The 2015-2016 program is the third and largest class of Fellows, with ten young entrepreneurs participating. The third class also welcomes the highest number of female participants yet, with four women-founded businesses.2015-2016 ThinkHouse Fellows include:

  • Ryan O’Donnell – EmployUs: EmployUs builds software that helps companies win the war for top talent and helps connectors earn money by getting their friends hired.
  • Colin Reaves and Michael Pham — Insite Ventures: InSite Ventures uses a combination of spatial data, retailer data, and statistics to help retailers with their site selection when picking new locations and help commercial brokers fill vacancies.
  • David LiCause — Broke Compass: Broke Compass is an app that allows travelers to connect with one another while they are away from home, through group tourist activities.
  • Kyle Sheats — Run Bucks: Run Bucks a mobile application that incentivizes exercises through redeemable activity points (Run Bucks) and can be redeemed for prizes in the Run Bucks Marketplace.
  • Kate Van Vorst — The Raleigh Arts Collective: The Raleigh Arts Collective is a cultural hub and makerspace, supporting innovative thinking and design.
  • Rebecca Holmes — Ello Raw: Ello Raw has a mission to make healthy, raw foods available for all people.
  • Jared Childs — True North: True North is a place where men can shop local and nationally made clothing and accessories, while enjoying a North Carolina craft beer.
  • Ivonna Dumanyan — BioMetrix: BioMetrix is developing the first wireless platform to map and monitor your form, instabilities, and asymmetries in real time.
  • Allison Fairbank — Fresh Box: Fresh Box LLC is the first home food preservation company that keeps food fresh longer by scaling down a leading industrial food preservation technology.

These nine companies will participate in the program from mid-August until the end of May 2016, at which point they will join a list of alumni including David Shaner of Offline Media, Sean Maroni of BetaVersity, Michael Hoy of BoomboxFM, Sophia Hyder of Papilia, and more.

For more information on the new fellows or on the eight entrepreneurs who graduated from the program earlier this summer, please visit

About ThinkHouse NC: The ThinkHouse is a nine-month action-learning residential accelerator based out of a fully renovated house in Raleigh’s Boylan Heights neighborhood. The program provides recent graduates with the environment, network, resources, and skills required to build profitable and scalable companies.

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