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WRAL Techwire covers the Regional Skills Analysis Survey Results

“The regional economy will recover, but job growth is going to be slower than expected, and it’s going to be uneven,” said RTI International Mike Hogan, RTI International research economist, during the Economic Summit series held virtually this week. “The abrupt shutdown is really devastating to jobs in restaurant, hospitality, and retail.”

Hogan was recapping results from the Regional Skills Analysis Survey launched in March. Initiated by the Raleigh Chamber, Wake County Economic Development, Capital Area Workforce Development, and the City of Raleigh, in conjunction with RTI International, it was originally designed as a follow-up to the 2017 Triangle Talent Initiative.

However, Life sciences, IT, manufacturing, and healthcare still expect to grow their workforce at high rates — between roughly 61-87 percent. Continued demand is expected for positions such as software programmers, nurses, and front-line production workers. 

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