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WRAL: Wake County Economic Development and Raleigh Economic Development Directors Discuss CNBC Ranking

CNBC ranked North Carolina as the #1 state for business in 2023 for the second year in a row. This ranking comes after all 50 states were analyzed on an 86 metric scale across 10 categories of competitiveness.  

Kyle Touchstone, Raleigh Economic Development Director, said “Raleigh is driving economic prosperity, as well as the state, and we have a very intentional focus on moving our city forward for investment and jobs”. The state has seen an influx of multiple economic wins with billions of dollars being invested in advanced manufacturing and life sciences. 

The study also contained a section on the state’s cost of living and quality of life. Michael Haley, Wake County Economic Development Executive Director, explained that “There are many factors people consider when moving here. Each person has their calculus of how they figure out where they want to be. It’s important that we check all of those boxes for people.” North Carolina’s above average scores for both categories boast opportunity for newcomers and residents alike. 



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